The following paragraph is a draft of what is proposed to appear in the
Meteoritical Bulletin Vol. 84: Final version, July 2000, MAPS 35.

Los Angeles (original find location unknown)

Los Angeles County, California, USA

Recognized 1999 October 30

Martian basalt (shergottite)

Two stones, weighing 452.6 g and 245.4 g respectively, were found

by Bob Verish in his back yard while he was cleaning out a box of

rocks that was part of his rock collection. The specimens may have

been collected ~20 years ago in the Mojave Desert. Classification

and mineralogy (A. Rubin, P. Warren and J. Greenwood, UCLA): a

basalt with a texture closely resembling that of the QUE 94201;

plagioclase laths, 43.6 vol%, An41Or4 to An58Or1, have been shocked

to maskelynite; Ca-pyroxene, 37.7 vol%, ranges from Fs45Wo13 to

Fs45Wo37 to Fs72Wo24; other mineral modes, 4.9 vol% silica, 4.2 vol%

fayalite, 2.4 vol% K-rich felsic glass, 3.5 vol% titanomagnetite, 2.7

vol% Ca phosphate (including whitlockite and chlorapatite), 0.7 vol%

pyrrhotite, and 0.2 vol% ilmenite; contains a higher proportion of

plagioclase than Shergotty or Zagami, and has pyroxene that is

moderately more ferroan than that in QUE 94201. Specimens: main

masses with finder; 30 g, UCLA. [Houston LPSC references to be added