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1 2005E&PSL.240..221B
1.00012/2005A      E  F                                                          U      
Bouvier, Audrey; Blichert-Toft, Janne; Vervoort, Jeffrey D.; Albarède, Francis
The age of SNC meteorites and the antiquity of the Martian surface [rapid communication]

2 2005AGUFM.P23B0196B
1.00012/2005A                                                                      U      
Bouvier, A.; Blichert-Toft, J.; Vervoort, J. D.; Albarede, F.
The Martian Surface is old and so are Shergottites

3 2005JGRE..11007002H
1.00007/2005A      E  F                                                          U      
Hurowitz, Joel A.; McLennan, Scott M.; Lindsley, Donald H.; Schoonen, Martin A. A.
Experimental epithermal alteration of synthetic Los Angeles meteorite: Implications for the origin of Martian soils and identification of hydrothermal sites on Mars

4 2004AGUFM.P11A0954W
1.00012/2004A                                                                      U      
Wright, S. P.; Bandfield, J. L.; Christensen, P. R.; Johnson, J. R.
Removing the Shock from the Thermal Emission Spectra of Shocked Terrestrial and Martian Basalts

5 2004LPI....35.1172T
1.00003/2004A          F                      T                                  U      
Treiman, A. H.; Lanzirotti, A.; Xirouchakis, D.
Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Meteorites in Thin Section: Preliminary Results

6 2004M&PS...39..137W
1.00001/2004A          F  G                                                      U      
Warren, Paul H.; Greenwood, James P.; Rubin, Alan E.
Los Angeles: A tale of two stones

1.00000/2004A                                                                      U      
Lepot, K.; Kearsley, A. T.; Chater, R. J.; McPhail, D. J.
Searching for traces of life associated with carbonates in martian meteorites

8 2003M&PS...38..871H
1.00006/2003A          F  G                              C                      U      
Hamilton, V. E.; Christensen, P. R.; McSween, H. Y., Jr.; Bandfield, J. L.
Searching for the source regions of martian meteorites using MGS TES: Integrating martian meteorites into the global distribution of igneous materials on Mars

1 2004LPI....35.1172T
1.00003/2004A      F                                                      U  
Treiman, A. H.; Lanzirotti, A.; Xirouchakis, D.
Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Meteorites in Thin Section: Preliminary Results

2 2003AGUFM.P21B0045B
1.00012/2003A                                                              U  
Bishop, J. L.; Parente, M.; Hamilton, V. E.
Identifying Minerals on Mars Through VNIR and Mid-IR Spectral Deconvolution based on the Martian Meteorites

3 2003AGUFM.P12B1065M
1.00012/2003A                                                              U  
Mayne, R. G.; Fayek, M.; McSween, H. Y.
Sulfur Isotopic Compositions in Pyrrhotite Grains From the Los Angeles Meteorite

4 2003lmim.conf.4097W
1.00008/2003        F                  T                                      
Walton, E. L.; Spray, J. G.
Localized Shock Excursions in Martian Meteorites: The Los Angeles Basaltic Shergottite and North West Africa 1183 Olivine-Phyric Shergottite

5 2003M&PS...38..871H
1.00006/2003A                                                              U  
Hamilton, V. E.; Christensen, P. R.; McSween, H. Y., Jr.; Bandfield, J. L.
Searching for the source regions of martian meteorites using MGS TES: Integrating martian meteorites into the global distribution of igneous materials on Mars

6 2003GeCoA..67.2289G
1.00006/2003    E  F                                                      U  
Greenwood, J. P.; Blake, R. E.; Coath, C. D.
Ion microprobe measurements of ^1^8O/^1^6O ratios of phosphate minerals in the Martian meteorites ALH84001 and Los Angeles

7 2003DPS....35.1910P
1.00005/2003A                                                              U  
Parente, M.; Bishop, J.
Revised Modified Gaussian Model Analyses of Martian Meteorite Spectra

8 2003LPI....34.2117F
1.00003/2003A      F                                                      U  
Foley, C. N.; Wadhwa, M.; Janney, P. E.
Tungsten Isotopic Composition of the SNC Meteorite Los Angeles: Further Implications for Early Differentiation History of Mars

9 2003LPI....34.1987G
1.00003/2003A      F                                                      U  
Goreva, J. S.; Leshin, L. A.; Guan, Y.
Ion Microprobe Measurements of Carbon Isotopes in Martian Phosphates: Insights into the Martian Mantle

10 2003LPI....34.1213P
1.00003/2003A      F                                                      U  
Park, J.; Okazaki, R.; Nagao, K.
Noble Gas Studies on Martian Meteorites: Dar Al Gani 476/489, Sayh Al Uhaymir 005/060, Dhofar 019, Los Angeles 001 and Zagami

11 2002M&PS...37.1345E
1.00010/2002A      F  G                      R                          U  
Eugster, O.; Busemann, H.; Lorenzetti, S.; Terribilini, D.
Ejection ages from krypton-81-krypton-83 dating and pre-atmospheric sizes of martian meteorites

12 2002GeCoA..66.1867X
1.00005/2002    E  F                                                      U  
Xirouchakis, D.; Draper, D. S.; Schwandt, C. S.; Lanzirotti, A.
Crystallization conditions of Los Angeles, a basaltic Martian meteorite

13 2002AGUSM.P31A..04H
1.00005/2002A                                                              U  
Hamilton, V. E.; Christensen, P. R.; McSween, H. Y.
Identification of Martian Meteorite-Like Lithologies on Mars Using MGS TES and Odyssey THEMIS Data

14 2002LPI....33.1823B
1.00003/2002A      F                                                      U  
Busemann, H.; Eugster, O.
The Trapped Heavy Noble Gases in Recently Found Martian Meteorites

15 2002Met.....8....5R
1.00000/2002                                                                U  
Russell, S.
Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting.

16 2001AGUFM.P52B0578J
1.00012/2001A                                                              U  
Jotter, R.; Jagoutz, E.; Zartman, R.
Lead Isotopes in Martian Meteorites From hot Deserts: Problem of Terrestrial Contamination

17 2001AGUFM.P51A..03J
1.00012/2001A                                                              U  
Jagoutz, E.; Jotter, R.; Dreibus, G.; Zartman, R.
Initial Pb Isotopes of Some SNC Meteorites

18 2001AGUFM.P51A..02N
1.00012/2001A                                                              U  
Nyquist, L. E.; Reese, Y. D.
Dating Desert Meteorites: The Los Angeles Experience

19 2001E&PSL.190....1R
1.00007/2001A  E  F                          R  C                      U  
Rochette, P.; Lorand, J.-P.; Fillion, G.; Sautter, V.
Pyrrhotite and the remanent magnetization of SNC meteorites: a changing perspective on Martian magnetism

20 2001LPI....32.1734G
1.00003/2001A      F                  T                                  U  
Greenwood, J. P.; Mojzsis, S. J.; Coath, C. D.
Development of the Sulfur Isotope Biomarker for Mars Sample Return: Results from Los Angeles, Nakhla, and ALH84001

21 2001LPI....32.1589X
1.00003/2001A      F                  T                                      
Xirouchakis, D. M.; Draper, D. S.; Schwandt, C. S.
A Reappraisal of the Mineralogy and Crystallization Features of Los Angeles, a Basaltic Martian Meteorite

22 2001LPI....32.1427W
1.00003/2001A      F                  T                                  U  
Wang, A.; Kuebler, K. E.; Freeman, J.; Jolliff, B. L.
Preliminary Raman Spectroscopic Survey on a Martian Meteorite -- Los Angeles

23 2001LPI....32.1106W
1.00003/2001A      F                  T                                      
Wadhwa, M.; Crozaz, G.; Lentz, R. C. F.; McSween, H. Y., Jr.
Trace Element Microdistributions in Los Angeles: A New Basaltic Shergottite Similar to, Yet Distinct from, the Others

24 2001LPI....32.1003A
1.00003/2001A      F                  T                                      
Aramovich, C. J.; Herd, C. D. K.; Papike, J. J.
Possible Causes for Late-Stage Reaction Textures Associated with Pyroxferroite and Metastable Pyroxenes in the Basaltic Martian Meteorites

25 2001AMR....14....1M
1.00003/2001        F  G                                                      
Mikouchi, Takashi
Mineralogical similarities and differences between the Los Angeles basaltic shergottite and the Asuka-881757 lunar mare meteorite

26 2001Met.....7...36H
1.00000/2001                                                                U  
Herd, C.
Towards a New Understanding of Mars from Martian Meteorites.

27 2000M&PSA..35R.155T
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                      
Terribilini, D.; Busemann, H.; Eugster, O.
Krypton-81-Krypton CRE Ages of Martian Meteorites Including the New Shergottite Los Angeles

28 2000M&PSA..35R.138R
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                  U  
Rost, D.; Greshake, A.; Stephan, T.; Jessberger, E. K.
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Analysis of the Los Angeles Basaltic Shergottite: Prelude to a Comprehensive Study of All Martian Meteorites

29 2000M&PSA..35R.120N
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                      
Nishiizumi, K.; Caffee, M. W.; Masarik, J.
Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Los Angeles Martian Meteorite

30 2000M&PSA..35R.110M
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                  U  
Mikouchi, T.
Pyroxene and Plagioclase in the Los Angeles Martian Meteorite: Comparison with the Queen Alexandra Range 94201 Martian Meteorite and Asuka 881757 Lunar Meteorite

31 2000M&PSA..35R..63G
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                      
Graham, G. A.; Kearsley, A. T.; Wright, I. P.; Grady, M. M.; Pillinger, C. T.
Carbonates in the Los Angeles 001 Meteorite

32 2000M&PSA..35Q..58G
1.00007/2000        F  G                                                  U  
Garrison, D. H.; Bogard, D. D.
Cosmogenic and Trapped Noble Gases in the Los Angeles Martian Meteorite

33 2000Met.....6...34V
Verish, S. R.
LA Story.

34 2000Met.....6...32N
Norton, R. O.
The Tucson 2000 Meteorite Show.

36 1985Metic..20..151W
1.00003/1985        F  G                          C                          
Wasson, J. T.; Rubin, A. E.; Widom, E.
Catalog of the Collection of Meteorites at the University of California, LOS Angeles

37 1974Metic...9...85W
1.00003/1974        F  G                                                      
Wasson, J. T.; Scott, E. R. D.; Robinson, K. L.
Catalog of the Collection of Meteorites at the University of California, LOS Angeles (The Leonard Collection)

44 2003M&PS...38.1865W
0.79112/2003A                                                              U  
Walton, E. L.; Spray, J. G.
Mineralogy, microtexture, and composition of shock-induced melt pockets in the Los Angeles basaltic shergottite

51 2003LPI....34.1914L
0.79103/2003A      F                                                          
Lentz, R. C. F.; McSween, H. Y., Jr.
Crystal Size Distribution Analysis of New Nakhlites and Los Angeles: How Do They Compare with SNCs of Old?

52 2003LPI....34.1439S
0.79103/2003A      F                                                      U  
Shih, C.-Y.; Nyquist, L. E.; Wiesmann, H.; Barrat, J. A.
Age and Petrogenesis of Picritic Shergottite NWA1068: Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr Isotopic Studies

57 2002M&PSA..37Q.146W
0.79107/2002        F  G                                                      
Walton, E. L.; Spray, J. G.
Mineralogy and Microtextures of Melt Pockets in the Los Angeles Basaltic Shergottite