Los Angeles Meteorite

Los Angeles - the city of Angels. Never a more appropriate name for an object which has traveled so far, for so long a time, and which finally descended from heaven in a blinding flash of light and thunder. This ball of fire, that arched across the desert sky of Southern California, abruptly exploded and dropped to the ground these two fragments. There on the desert floor they waited, as LA grew from pueblo to metropolis, until a rockhound picks them up. Thinking that they are just peculiar volcanic rocks, he throws them in his box of "rocks to be identified later". Nearly two decades pass and this same rockhound, now an experienced meteorite collector, "rediscovers" them in his collection and this time immediately identifies them for what they truely are, rocks from space. He takes them to UCLA for proper classification and they are analyzed as being volcanic rocks that had been blasted off of ANOTHER planet. Mars! Now, like so many other wandering stars, their long journey has finally brought them to LA.

The Los Angeles Meteorite
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